Tina founder of Platinascoop

Welcome to Platinascoop!
A quiet place for stories to be discovered and captured on a forever format!

Platinascoop is a visual platform and business, founded in 2020!
Here you can find other peoples stories and let yours be told through video and photo! 

My name is Tina and I’m the founder of Platinascoop.
I have been interested in visuals my whole life! As a little kid I used to draw, write, paint and take pictures. I’ve always been a creative person and had been dreaming of my first camera ever since my mom took pictures of us with hers.
After years of watching Youtube videos of other photographers sharing their insights, I finally got my first camera on my 16th birthday! I started doing photography and haven’t stopped since!

In the meantime I kept writing and found out a creative job was the thing for me.
I started studying film in Brussels and lost my heart once again.

Now, 5 years into photography and 2 years into filmmaking, I make it my goal to tell stories that need to be seen and to help people tell theirs! Platinascoop offers me just that: a place where people can contact me to help tell their story in a creative way through the arts of writing, photography or videography. I can’t be more excited to be on this journey and I can’t wait to meet you and to hear about your stories!