Package personal portrait


When was the last time you really liked a picture of yourself and someone told you it described you perfectly? If not so long ago; perfect! Keep shining that light!

But if you are looking for new pictures for your feed, a present for your parents or a day to feel confident in your skin, this shoot is the one for you!

Once your shoot is booked, you get a confirmation mail and a list with questions so that I can get a better look at your personality! After receiving your answers, I put together a moodboard with poses, looks, lighting, angles… based on your personality and after you agreed on the style we are going for: it’s time to shoot!

We shoot at your favorite place (your room, your backyard, your house, …) in 2 different outfits for 1,5-2 hours and make you feel confident in your skin to have a selfcare moment and just enjoy!

After the shoot you get 35 pictures send to you directly in your mailbox for you to post, print, show them anywhere you like!